Identifying Who Will Manage the Arrest Alert System

It will be important to identify the human capital needed to manage the data that will be processed through an arrest alert system and to determine which resources are currently available and which need to be acquired. A prosecutor’s office should designate an individual or a department to lead and manage its arrest alert system and

govern decisions regarding access and security on an ongoing basis. Prosecutors with special skills in technology and crime analysis are a great resource for this type of initiative. Also, a strong collaboration with the office’s information technology team should be maintained.

In the Manhattan D.A.’s Office, the Crime Strategies Unit manages the Arrest Alert system as well as the Office’s other intelligence-driven prosecution strategies. This unit consists of a chief, five senior prosecutors assigned to geographic areas, several crime analysts, and an administrative assistant. The analysts assist with managing the flow of information. Their responsibilities include analyzing crime data, constructing crime reports, and providing intelligence (statistics, mapping) to prosecutors. Student interns, who sign confidentiality agreements and receive credit for participating in internship programs through local universities and colleges, assist in identifying useful information from phone calls made from jail and other sources.