Case #9 Sharing Intelligence with Neighboring Counties in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

After Hurricane Sandy hit New York City in 2012, there was an influx of misdemeanor and felony arrests for looting in places impacted by the hurricane throughout the city. The Crime Strategies Unit received an arrest alert that a 16-year-old arrested for looting in Staten Island was a recidivist robbery defendant. CSU provided the Staten Island (Richmond County) District Attorney’s Office with information on the defendant’s criminal history, as well as incriminating posts found on his social media accounts indicating his intent to steal. As a result of the Arrest Alert system, the Staten Island District Attorney’s Office was well prepared to counteract the defendant’s claim to the police that he had no intention of stealing anything, and that he was merely seeking refuge from the storm inside a store. After indictment, the defendant pleaded guilty to Burglary in the Third Degree and was sentenced to nine months of incarceration.