Case #4 Missing Drug Dealer Located

A 20-year-old defendant was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Tampering with Evidence by swallowing what appeared to be cocaine. Because he was a known member of a violent gang, CSU received an arrest alert and contacted the assigned prosecutor. At that time, this defendant did not have a criminal record. However, CSU provided the assigned prosecutor with information regarding the defendant’s gang involvement, his nickname within that gang, and the facts that led to CSU’s belief that he was recently an uncooperative victim of a violent assault. The judge set a monetary bail bond on this case, which would have been unlikely had she not known of the defendant’s gang involvement. Separately, a Special Narcotics prosecutor contacted the New York County prosecutor on the Disorderly Conduct case and inquired whether this individual could be his “lost subject” on a narcotics sale case. The New York County prosecutor put the Special Narcotics prosecutor in touch with CSU, since he knew from his conversations with CSU and the arrest alert that CSU knew information about this defendant beyond the New York County prosecutor’s case. CSU and the Special Narcotics prosecutor arranged for this defendant to be placed in a lineup. The buyer in the narcotics sale case picked the defendant out of that lineup. Ultimately, this defendant was convicted of both Attempted Tampering with Physical Evidence, a misdemeanor, and Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree, a felony. The defendant was sentenced to thirty days jail for the tampering case and one year jail on the narcotics sale case.