Case #2 Major Crime-Driver Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison

A 21-year-old defendant who was well known to be a major crime-driver was arrested for selling narcotics. Typically, drug cases are not given the same type of enhanced attention as cases involving violence. However, CSU received an arrest alert for this defendant, a prominent member of an East Harlem- based violent crew, and contacted the prosecutor drafting the case. The defendant’s criminal record showed that he had been convicted of a violent felony three years before the narcotics-sale arrest, but CSU was able to tell the prosecutor about the defendant’s youthful offender and juvenile violent adjudications, as well as the defendant’s crew involvement. Post- indictment, the prosecutor did not make an offer, and instead provided the judge full and accurate information about this defendant based on intelligence obtained through CSU at the defendant’s arraignment. On the eve of trial, the defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced to eight years in prison, to be followed by three years of post-release supervision.