Who Gets The Arrest Alert

Who Gets The Arrest Alert

Determining who should receive an arrest alert email is critical to ensuring an appropriate response to the arrest of a target. The default setting is that anyone designated as an Owner, Editor or Visitor of a Category, Group or Sub-group will receive an arrest alert email of any defendant in the respective Category, Group or Sub-group.

It is useful to organize the email notifications around Categories, Groups or Sub-groups as generally anyone interested in one defendant connected with a particular crime issue is interested in all of the defendants so connected. However, there are times when an ADA has an interest in a single defendant contained in a Sub-group and wants to be alerted to that single defendant’s arrest and not to any other defendant’s arrest.

It is helpful, therefore, to permit the addition (and later deletion) of a single notification for any particular defendant. This can be done in a number of ways, but one method is to include this single addition / deletion capability as part of the edit function of a defendant’s arrest alert.


It is common for defendants with pending cases to be rearrested if they have made bail or have been released without bail. In such instances, it is useful to generate an arrest alert for any ADA who is handling a defendant’s pending case(s). These automated emails permit the ADA to reach out to the arresting officer or to her fellow ADA drafting the criminal complaint to seek or share information about the

defendant. Additionally, open case alerts permit an ADA, where appropriate, to petition the judge on the pending case for a change in bail status even before the new arrest has been arraigned based upon new insight into the defendant’s criminal behavior.

These open case alerts also increase the efficiency of the prosecutions by ensuring that warrants are not being ordered unnecessarily when defendants miss their court date because they are in jail on a new arrest.


The automated arrest alerts are emailed to registered users. NYPD officers who have an interest in a particular target or group or subgroup can be subscribed to the alerts by providing a verifiable email address. For example, NYPD Gang Unit officers may subscribe to arrest alerts of gang members. And, precinct commanders and Field Intelligence Officers can subscribe to targets identified in the Arrest Alert System as priorities for a precinct.